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“Working with Charmed is the next best thing to having an in-house design team. They are creative and responsive and really take the time to work with us to figure out the best approach to our needs.”

Susan R. Sherman,
Shenandoah National Park Trust

“Its so useful to have someone who knows about this stuff.”

David Marshall,
Albion Cabinets & Stairs

“I want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working with you on this project. It’s been my first chance to work directly with you, and it’s been a great experience.”

Jenny Paurys,
Fine Lines Copywriting

“I saw that the page went “live.” It looks great. I will be able to place a link and feature on the home page as we get closer to the event…. Again, thank you so much for everything.”

Lindsay Jones,
Virginia Discovery Museum

“Thanks for setting up the new page and for giving me instructions for any future small changes. We remain quite happy with the page if ever you all need a recommendation.”

Melissa Ronayne,
Building Goodness Foundation

“The website works! We get contacts from those who need our services because they find our web page.”

James Bond,
Albemarle Pipes and Drums

“Thank you again for your help. You both are top notch and I’m looking forward to working with you again on the new site. I know I should take more of your advice!”

Justi Campi,
Fly Fishing Patagonia

“Listen, I just wanted to call and tell you guys how appreciative I am of all the work you did. You did some great great work and it looks incredible. It looks great. Everything is done. Just so wonderful.”

Peyton Tochterman,

“Thanks so much for everything! It’s been really fun working with you. I’ve learned so much!!”

Aurie Hsu,
McGuffey Art Center

“You are amazing. Nice work.”

Billy Hunt,

“BINGO! YAY!!!! Now to promote, publicize, and brag!”

Val Kells,

“Thank you so much! We have 60 (online registrations) so far…we had 9 at this time last year!”

Michael Kaminski,
Freedom 5K

“Even the people working on the floor in the plant were saying how appealing they think the promotional card is…We’ve just shipped it second day air to Las Vegas. With this in the tote bag–and the full-page ad in CURRENT coming out during the conference–we should really get folks’ attention.”

Andrew Windham,

“It is so exciting to have a very professional and fresh looking website that represents us as professionals, You and Jen have spent many, many hours in developing a website that is creative and striking in appearance. We are so very pleased!”

Edith Fisher,
The Center for Ethical Practice

“It is absolutely what we had envisioned, a million thanks!”

Toya Harold,
Trager Brothers Coffee

“Thank you for all of the hard work. I am very happy to be able to edit our content. You did a fantastic job for us.”

Jeffrey Coonse,
Subsurface Construction

“Edith and I spent a little bit of time with the wireframe by phone last night and both of us think you have done an amazing job of understanding our goals and organizing the Center’s website.”

Mary Fisher,
The Center for Ethical Practice

“I’m really happy with the site. It meets our needs exactly. Thanks again for all your help with it (now and in the past). I can’t tell you how many times people (clients, strangers and other gallery owners) commented on how much they have liked it – from day one.”

Rob Jones,
Migration Gallery

“You have done a fabulous job. This is such a wonderful result. … I personally enjoyed the process too. The creativity, humor, communication style and just plain fun is not the stuff we get every day. So thank you. Thank you very much.”

Mike Stoneking,
Building Goodness Foundation