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Michaux Hood

Charlottesville native and Tarheel alumn, Michaux met Jen the first day of college at UNC-Chapel Hill, NC (true story). After obtaining a degree in Communications and serving in the National Park & Forest Services, Michaux returned to Charlottesville, working in Landscape Design, Graphic Design, and fiddle playing, before settling down in two out of three (gardening available by request only) and launching Charmed Designworks in 2001.

Jen Fleisher

Following a family tradition to UNC-Chapel Hill, Jen met Michaux during Carolina’s out-of-state orientation (true story). After obtaining a degree in PhotoJournalism, Jen attended The Portfolio Center in Atlanta for a Post-Bacc in Design. After designing for VSA Partners and Viant, Inc. in Chicago, she was the Brand Manager for Dionis, Inc. in 2001. She joined forces with Charmed Designworks in 2004.

Our Partners

Colette Brown, UX

Colette plans the user experience for websites that address owners' goals and engage visitors. She guides the design team from mission and vision through information architecture, content strategy, and interaction design, laying the groundwork for Charmed graphics.

Darren Hoyt, Art Direction

Since the late 90s, Darren has designed websites, blogs and apps and for a range of small businesses, universities and web startups in Charlottesville and New York. He mixes it up with the Charmed partners both on the internet and on the soccer field.

Jenny Paurys, Copywriting

A professional writer and editor for more than 12 years, Jenny helps Charmed's clients communicate through web, print, news and social media. You can learn more about her work at

Meghan Murray, PM

Meghan has served in a number of strategic and managerial roles across several industries, ranging from brokering strategic e-commerce partnerships to managing software development projects. She contributes to Charmed's projects via business strategy, planning and project management.

Bill Hunt, Developer

Bill has been making websites as long as there's been a web. He's acted as technical lead for several award-winning teams in the past 17 years, and is Charmed's go-to guy for custom programming. He loves using (and contributing to!) Open Source software projects whenever possible. Check him out at

10 Flavors, Inspiration

Located on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall, the Ten Flavors co-op has been around for 30 years supporting designers, bookmakers, photographers, painters and programmers. Charmed has been a member of Ten Flavors since 2004.

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